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Whether you go to the gym every night or get your work out doing the hoovering it is essential to health to do regular exercise.
Exercise does not have to be a long aerobics workout, it could be a brisk walk or kicking a football with your grandchildren.
The advantages of exercise are many.

  • It keeps you fit
  • It can reduce your weight
  • It keeps your muscles strong as you get older
  • It helps keep your blood pressure down
  • It improves your cholesterol profile
  • It can reduce the symptoms of depression

In order to lose weight it is recommended that you do at least 30 minutes exercise, five times a week. You are more likely to lose weight if you stick to a weight reducing diet as well.

In sunderland you can be referred by your GP or practice nurse to the exercise on referral programme. This is for people who are new to exercise and are unfit, those who are overweight and those who have illnesses which would benefit from regular exercise.

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